The NEXT LEVEL (NL) Method is a powerful, proven, customizable tool designed to help you organize, track, and optimize your GOAL-SETTING and achievement efforts….from Idea to Execution. This easy-to-use spreadsheet provides a comprehensive framework to break down your goals, create actionable steps, and monitor your progress throughout your journey. Have you arrived at the phase where you started the new year with lofty objectives, but now they seem to be fading away, as it typically happens each year with the goals you believed you had established?

Goals Reached & Accountability

At the core of the (NL) Method lies its ability to maintain organization and motivation. By incorporating gamification elements, it keeps you engaged and driven throughout the week or month. Additionally, the method serves as an effective accountability tool, ensuring steady progress toward your goals.

  • Having an Idea or Goal…Likely to Complete Goal: 10% 10%
  • Consciously Deciding That You Will Do It: 25% 25%
  • Deciding When You’ll Do It: 40% 40%
  • Planning How To Do It: 50% 50%
  • Having an Accountability System In Place: 72% 72%
  • Having Specific Accountability Individuals That You Have Committed The Goal To: 95% 95%

Reclaiming Your Time 

The (NL) Method is designed to accommodate both significant and subtle adjustments in how you allocate your time. It identifies the changes we need to pursue in our lives, providing a flexible approach to personal growth and transformation. 

Annual / Quarterly Goals 

The (NL) Method effectively tracks progress by aligning annual and quarterly goals, ensuring consistent focus and momentum. By breaking down long-term objectives into manageable quarterly targets, the method helps individuals maintain a clear sense of direction and prioritize tasks effectively.  

Customizable For Your  Life

The (NL) Method is highly adaptable to accommodate your unique goals and life circumstances. Throughout the process, you will receive assistance in fine-tuning the approach to precisely suit your specific needs and requirements 

Year End Check List

After setting up your (NL) Method, transitioning to the next year becomes more systematic and enjoyable as you complete the Year-End Checklist. This process allows you to make adjustments for the upcoming year’s goals and ensures that you start off on the right foot, fully prepared for success. 

Other Features

 – Strengthen Relationships (professional & personal)

– Bigger Decision Analyser

– Year End Questions 

– My50

–  Vision Board – Lockscreen


Why (NL) Method  

The Next Level (NL) Method emerged from a need for more effective goal-setting strategies. We found that our yearly goals often lost momentum as the calendar year progressed. We extensively researched various goal-setting approaches and combined the most valuable elements to develop our own system that encompasses both personally and professionally.  

– Breaking Down The Bigger Goals – More Manageable

– Able to Trust Your System

– What You Can Measure Is What You Can Improve On 

– Built-In Accountability  


What to Expect?  

  • 1-on-1…On-Boarding Process 
  • (NL) Method Facebook Group                      (on-going interaction with group)   *GoogleSheets Version Only, at this time*                    

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Once a one time payment is made, we will email you the NL Method and setup a 1-on-1 phone call to discuss making the NL Method your own. 

Once the one time payment is made, we will email you the NL Method and setup a 1-on-1 phone call to discuss making the NL Method your own.

I’ve always been someone with big dreams and aspirations, but like many others, I struggled to translate those dreams into actionable goals. That was until I discovered the (NL) Method. This groundbreaking approach has truly revolutionized the way I set, pursue, and achieve my goals, propelling me to new heights of personal and professional success.

Bob G.

Sales & Marketing

The (NL) Method has been a game-changer in my journey towards achieving my goals. Its innovative approach, which combines a structured framework along with accountability, has empowered me to turn my ambitions into reality.

Mellisa F.

Project Manager

Since adopting the (NL) Method, I’ve experienced tangible improvements in both my personal and professional life. My relationships are stronger, my career has gone to the next level, and I have finally started crossing off those larger goals that I struggled with before. 

Micah S.

Real Estate Investor

The (NL) Method stands out for its meticulous, yet easy-to-follow, framework that breaks down complex aspirations into manageable steps. By helping me identify my true priorities, it has allowed me to focus on what matters most in my life, and subsequently, develop a tailor-made plan for success.

Michael R.

Business Owner


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