About The Team

Founder, Freeland Ventures

Josh manages over $40M in private money, which is deployed into multifamily real estate and apartments. He has been involved in 1,000+ wholesale, rehab, rental, foreclosure, and apartment transactions, and currently holds a portfolio of over 3,000+ cash-flowing apartments. He is the founder and CEO of a variety of successful businesses including Freeland Ventures






Asset Finder

Darren started working for a high net worth family office, resourcing multifamily opportunities to expand an investment portfolio. During that time, he personally got involved with deals on a limited partner side. With his strong organizational skills, communication, and project management, he became attracted to the general partner aspect and the asset management side of the business, while keeping involved with investor relations. Darren focuses on carrying-out the established business plan and to protect the investment for its investors.  

Founder, ThreeFold Real Estate

Lee is the founder and visionary behind Threefold Real Estate Investing, and he’s committed to forging a path that will generate incredible wealth and opportunity for all involved. His focus is driving the business forward by forging new relationships with top-notch professionals in the real estate world and bringing on more partners to invest alongside Threefold Investing Real Estate.