Mostly for friends, I’ve enjoyed sharing the experience of cooking. Food brings people together…Period. There’s nothing more intimate then welcoming someone in your home and cooking for them. As a society, we don’t do that anymore, sadly. Let’s bring that back…

From my Kitchen to Yours

 Zoom Call – 5 Week Summer Series

Monday: An Email will be sent with an ingredient list  

Wednesday: An Email will be sent with a Prep List

Friday: I will send out a Photo of my cooking station and what your’s should look like going into Saturday

Saturday (9:00am EST): You’ll have access to a Zoom Link to the Series Class, which will last one hour. During that hour, you will cook right along with me and everybody else. Ask any questions you may have. It will be FUN! 

This schedule will repeat throughout the 6-week series, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable cooking experience.

Planning & Prepping


To excel in cooking, it’s all about the preparation. We will focus on these crucial steps, making the actual cooking day easy and enjoyable.

During our sessions, we will delve beyond mere recipes (which I’m not fond of). We will explore topics such as selecting quality ingredients, achieving flavor balance, using the right tools (and knowing when not to use them), effective shopping techniques, and much more. It’s a comprehensive approach that goes beyond following instructions, allowing us to elevate our culinary skills and understanding.


Cooking extends far beyond the realm of recipe-following. The key lies in acquiring various professional techniques that can be relied upon to elevate your culinary skills. These techniques serve as a foundation that will take you further than any recipe alone.

Throughout our sessions, we will place a strong emphasis on mastering these techniques. By doing so, you will develop a repertoire of skills that can be applied across a wide range of dishes and cooking styles. This approach will empower you to explore and experiment in the kitchen, giving you the confidence to create exceptional meals that go beyond simply following a recipe.

Con’t Access…

Upon joining, you will be added to a Community WhatsApp Group Text. This platform will serve as a space for you to ask me questions throughout the week, allowing the entire group to learn together. Whether you have inquiries while grocery shopping or prepping, feel free to ask them in the group. We’ll keep it engaged and fun too! 

We will also record each class and send it to you so you can refer back, if needed. 

What will we Learn?

 Although there will be recipes handed-out (as much as it will pain me), we’ll focus more on Techniques. Here are a few directions we’ll go with our teachings. 

 – Basics: Products & Pantry

– Knife Skills 

– Blanching 

– Roasting

– Pan Sauce (meal in one pan) 

– Cooking Fish

– Cooking Meat

– Cooking Rice



Wine too, of Course

Oh, and let’s not forget about wine! We will not only discuss wine pairings but also have the opportunity to enjoy some along the way.

Throughout our sessions, we will explore which types of wines complement the dishes we are cooking. Additionally, I will share labels of recommended wines for the week ahead, allowing you to prepare and gain a better understanding of future pairings. So get ready to enhance your culinary experience with the perfect wine accompaniments. 


If you received this link to this page, you have been invited into the Underground Kitchen, Summer Series. 

The Summer Series will begin the week of July 17th and run through the week of August 14th

You can email or text Darren to get registered.






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